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Butt Fuck

2011-03-01 11:32:15 by Kaype

Hello, nudegrounds.


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2011-03-04 02:10:06

I am fine! Hope you get your feet off the ground soon. Welcome to newgrounds!

Kaype responds:

:) thank you! I hope I do too! n_n


2011-03-04 20:34:26

hello good day welcome to newgrounds i hope you enjoy your stay,kaype (= it's been a pleasure.meeting you toady and I'm doing good.
Sincerely yours,
Johnathan Lee
"Positivity can you make you a better person from inside and outside."

Kaype responds:

Hi! c: nice to meet you. Ive gotta say it was intimidating joining newgrounds at first. But people have been very friendly! Thanks for introducing yourself > v <


2011-03-04 20:37:38

Welcome to Newgrounds! Hope you have fun! :D

Kaype responds:

Thank you! :D


2011-03-04 22:52:48

I left you a PM. Please respond to it, if you can... :|

And feel free to delete this comment once you're done with it. :P


2011-07-07 02:58:54

Post art, please.


2011-11-19 21:35:04

You haven't submitted a thing, and you bash other people's work.